Friday, March 2, 2012

Relief Society Birthday Bash

We had a wonderful evening celebrating the Relief Society Birthday! Everyone split into the four seasons (of their birthday month). Everyone was to bring either a decor item to decorate the table or a food item from that season. Each table also had a "birthday cake" BIG thanks to Amy, Myrna, Krystal, and Bethany! Each table was then judged.
Also in our season teams we took a "quiz" of Relief Society trivia. Followed by "What's in your hand bag". I was so impressed by how prepared everyone was with all of these items in their purse at hands grasp. ;)
We then each put our favorite flower in one vase in the center of the room symbolizing how we are all unique and different but as we come together as a sisterhood of the Relief Society what a beautiful bouquet we make.
Thanks to everyone who came and/or helped in the preparation. It really was a fabulous night!





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